What inspired Jet Plane & the Oxbow to be so drastically different from past albums? And how did you start making music? Thanks so much, I'm a big fan!

Shearwater responded on 02/10/2018

Hi Andrew - Thanks for writing, and I'm sorry to be almost a year getting back (!)

But in answer to your questions - I started making music when I was a kid; I think I was 6 when I joined my first choir. Still trying to unlearn some of that training! But I picked up guitar when I was 14 and started trying to teach myself; that felt like the real beginning. Spent a lot of high school trying to learn how to play electric guitar and drove my poor parents bananas.

As for JPOB - it's always exciting to do something different; and it's the same with the new Loma record, which is very different from JPOB. If you don't mix things up you start to go kind of crazy - especially after a tour where you play the songs a billion times. RIght now I'm pretty excited about just playing guitar in a band again and letting someone else do the lead singing. (JM)

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